FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept my insurance?
All of our Surgeons are recognised by all the major insurance companies.  However, the patient remains responsible for all invoices raised and where shortfalls apply the patient will be asked to settle directly with the practice. 

I do not have insurance, can I still be seen?
Yes.  You will be asked at the time of making your appointment for payment details and if you do not have medical insurance you can pay as a self-funder.  We will give you full details of consultation charges and a guide to the surgical fees if appropriate.

Do I need a referral letter from my doctor?
Yes, it would be helpful for the consultant, but essential if using medical insurance. 

How long before my appointment do I need to be at the hospital?
We normally advise for your first appointment to arrive at the hospital at least 10-15 minutes beforehand.

How long is a consultation?
Most new patient appointments will take about 30 minutes, often longer for cosmetic patients.  

What can I expect at my consultation?
A one-to-one consultation with the specific consultant you have arranged to see, often with an examination.  It is possible to organise some tests on the same day, eg blood tests, x-rays, injections.  However, more specialised imaging such as MRI, CT and ultrasound will require a return visit.

If I cancel my appointment will I be charged?
We ask for at least 48 hours notice for a cancelled appointment.  If you cancel after this time, a cancellation fee may apply.    

How do I pay for my consultation?
For insured patients, the consultation fee will be settled directly with your insurance company unless otherwise stated.  For self-funding patients, payment is collected by Cambridge Medical Consultants.  This can be done either by cheque or by calling us and giving your debit/credit card details.  A 1.9% charge however will be made for all credit card transactions.   The hospital will ask for credit card details at the time of your consultation but will not collect the consultants' fee.  They will only make charges to your card if you have a procedure or investigation carried out and will inform you of such charges beforehand.

My insurance company need a completed claim form, can you do this?
You can bring the form to your appointment or forward it on directly to us. We do not make a charge for completing a claim form.

How do I book my surgery?
Surgery can often be arranged with your consultant at the time of your appointment or your consultants' PA will be in contact with you directly to arrange a convenient date.

I have had surgery and need a sick certificate, how do I get this?
You can request a sick certificate from the consultant whilst an in-patient. Otherwise, your GP will be able to issue you one.